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Duotrigordle Game

Do you love challenging word puzzles? Then Duotrigordle is perfect for you! In this game you have to guess 32 words using no more than 37 guesses. The difficulty with Duotrigordle is that you can only focus on one word at a time as it spreads across the other four boards. Use the colored hints to find as many words as possible and solve all the boards block by block.

How to play Duotrigordle?


Use the on-screen keyboard to type the first letter. It will be used for four words simultaneously.


Type a valid 5-letter word and click the “Enter” button.


Use colored hints to advance in the game. Green tiles mean that you have chosen the correct letters and placed them in the correct places. If you see yellow tiles, then the selected letters are correct, but in the wrong places. Gray tiles mean that these letters are not used anywhere in the word.


There are four boards and 32 hidden words. Scroll down to see them all. You have 37 attempts to guess as many words as possible.


Find the words in the minimum time and share your best results on social networks!

Did you like Duotrigordle Game?

This word guessing game appeared in early 2022. Brian Chen, creator of Duotrigordle, took inspiration from Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, Octordle and tried to make them more complex. So, in this game, we already have 32 hidden words and only 37 attempts to find them! There are two ways to play Duotrigordle. You can play it an unlimited number of times in practice mode. In challenge mode, this word puzzle game is updated daily. The game quickly became a hit among fans of difficult puzzles. Play Duotrigordle online, train your brain and enjoy your time!